Amboyan Clove

Amboyan cultivar delivers huge sized and pudgy cloves most like the Penang variety. These piquant and fragrant cloves are well known for its uses in the Indian flavorful recipes, toothpaste, makeup and cosmetics, and pomanders. One thing to consider is this clove assortment has marginally low profitability and productivity when contrasted with Zanzibar and they’re likewise not entirely versatile.

Penang Clove

Penang cloves are big sized and have a dim red-earthy colored tone. They’re economically sent out everywhere on the east, however the interest is high all over the globe. This hot clove has uses in aromatic pomanders and culinary, both.

Zanzibar Clove

Zanzibar clove is more modest and more slender when contrasted with the Penang cloves and has a dark earthy colored tone. This excellent clove functions as a delightful zest in flavorful and sauteed dishes. It’s mainstream among the cultivators in light of its high profitability rate and better versatility.

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