Tellicherry pepper

This variety contains distinct sweet aromas ranging from fruity to grassy to citrus and pine. There’s a freshness in this spice and a great, balanced flavor to compliment your dishes.

The origin of this type of black pepper goes back to a place called Tellicherry, a city on the Malabar coast of Kerala in India. Growing at the top of the vine, this Indian variety of black pepper receives the most sunlight and they are left to ripen longer until it offers a rich yellow-orange color. Therefore, this longer ripening process results in more intense oils in the peppercorns and a deeper, complex flavor.


Although it is less flavourful than Tellicherry, this Indian black pepper has a universal appeal. Besides, this is available at a more reasonable price than Tellicherry. So, you can easily use it for the premium steak, baked meats, or soups and salads.

Grown together with Tellicherry, Malabar black pepper also comes from the Malabar Coast, a small, mountainous area in southwest India. While Tellicherry peppercorn is cultivated in the upper part of the vine, Malabar pepper is picked from the lower part.One of the finest black pepper varieties, Malabar pepper is less ripe than Tellicherry when it gets picked. So, it comes with a slightly greenish hue. They have a little less potential than Tellicherry in terms of their flavor and aroma.

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